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Mission. Memorial Hospital is committed to being the healthcare provider of choice by delivering the highest quality of service to all our customers - exceeding all goals and expectations.


Guiding Principles.  As we believe that the heart of healthcare is service to others, we are committed to providing Martinsville, Henry County, and all of our neighbors with service excellence.  At Memorial Hospital, six guiding principles have focused our efforts towards improving the quality of the care we render, strengthened our commitment to those we serve, and contribute to our stability and growth.   




         Memorial Hospital is committed to being the provider

         of choice through the development of long-term

         customer relationships. 



Memorial Hospital is committed to focused continous improvement, ensuring patient access to quality care.


Memorial Hospital is committed to the development of a culture of teamwork successfully integrating employees, physician, administration, and volunteers in a way that promotes both individual and collective accountability.


Memorial Hospital is committed to meeting financial expectations by effectively managing to maximize shareholder value.


Memorial Hospital is committed to attaining profitable market leadership.  To that end, we strive to increase volume and revenue by improving our public image, redirecting outmigration, capturing target markets, and providing a comprehensive array of healthcare services.



          Memorial Hospital is committed to being an integral

          part of the Martinsville-Henry County community and



With these six key values guiding our focus, Memorial Hospital can provide a stronger commitment to you and your family's healthcare needs through the introduction of new physicians, the advances gained from new technology and more specialized equipment, the completion of on-going hospital renovations, as well as the expansion and development of new services. 


320 Hospital Drive, Martinsville, Virginia  24115     (276) 666-7200