Girl doing a twerking in a hospital

In the middle of a hospital a girlegan to dance while everyone looked at her

As many will know the twerking is a dance class that many girls practice it is very famous in a very short time, But what this girl did was out of place since she started doing twerk in the middle of the waiting room since it was a girl with many curves and a nice body, I shook my ass as if it were a professional and everyone was giving the open mouth of the waist movements that I had, After having mounted that show they asked if you are a teacher or something Since she was very good at it, she answered that she had practiced it for many years since she was young so she knew how to do it so well, 

After asking her a few things she said I’m going to do it again so they can see how I move, but suddenly someone picked up a phone and started recording while she started doing the twerk, She realized that they wanted to record her and she said yes I recorded it I did not love it because I did not want to, A while later I argued that if the girl wanted to record a viral video and that more people knew her, she decided to record it but with the conclusion that she would have to take her part and came to a sane, So he started doing his dance while they signed and as they were watching everyone wanted to do better than the other and he got it left everyone hallucinating their movements that had that were amazing, Then it happened that the video of shared with a lot of people and tube a lot of visits and became very viral.