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The Ravenel Oncology Center at Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art outpatient facility that provides services for the evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care of the cancer patient.  These patients are provided with nursing assessments, physician physical exams and assessments, and chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy when ordered.  In addition, the Oncology patients may be provided I.V. therapy, blood transfusions, bone marrow biopsy, paracentesis, and other care associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  The medical and radiation oncologists consult and care for the inpatient as requested by their referring physician.

In order to ensure quality cancer care, the Ravenel Oncology Center is an affiliate of Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Radiation Oncologists from Duke work closely with the medical oncologists, surgeons, and other Martinsville area physicians to provide a coordinated approach to patient care. 

Our medical oncologists are associated with the Wake Forest Comprehensive Cancer Center in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and are able to draw on the extensive resources of that institution.  Complicated cases are often discusssed with sub-specialists at Wake Forest and patients are referred when necessary for second opinions and university level care.  All patients have access to local and national studies through both Duke University and Wake Forest.

At the Ravenel Oncology Center you can rest assured that you are receiving highly advanced cancer care.  You can also take comfort in knowing that with a caring, professional staff, state-of-the-art technology and university-level treatments, we are bringing new hope and promise to cancer patients much closer to home.

For more information, please call the Ravenel Oncology Center at Memorial Hospital at (540) 666-7827.